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What People Are Saying:

"I met Katie in 2015. Her spirit was so loving, gentle, and warming. She immediately gave me ease and peace about moving my whole life to another state to start my new career. She is a true gem. Throughout nursing school she would check up on me showing up to my classroom and calling me to see how I was adjusting to life in South Carolina. It felt good to have someone do that for me. School was very hard. There were nights that I didn’t sleep. A lot of nights I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass. Katie always gave me an encouraging word though. I could always count on her love, encouragement, and positive vibes to make it through! There were 15 proud graduates from Cohort 6 July 2017 Registered Nursing program and thank God I was in that number! I will always appreciate Katie for her ongoing support! After graduation Katie’s love never stopped. In March 2018 I passed NCLEX-RN and she was so proud of me! Thank you Katie for accepting me as part of your family while I was in South Carolina. I know you were one of the main reasons that I am now Ms. Joy N. Morrison, RN!!!!!!"

--Joy M.

"Katie helped me to pursue an efficient plan of action that was uniquely tailored to my interests, goals, and abilities. Katie assured me that I could accomplish my professional and personal goals. She eliminated my fear of failure. I walked away from our initial meeting feeling energized, confident and prepared to start my journey to success.Throughout my journey, Katie proved to be a gifted listener that is uniquely able to break down what she has heard into valuable, credible insight. With Katie’s guidance I was able to graduate with honors while raising three young children and maintaining a full time job, and full academic schedule. I was immediately offered a job position during my internship, and was recently promoted to my dream job.   

Katie empowered me to strive for excellence and I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without her guidance and support".

--Melissa D.

"I began my life coaching sessions with Katie because I was looking for guidance on advancing in my career. I was pretty focused on finding a new job. Katie helped me to become organized, helping me create a plan for success. Katie was great at checking in with me and holding me accountable! She helped me get to the root of what was holding me back, and reminded me of the importance of creating joy in life. By the end of our sessions, I had manifested a promotion at my job! I'm very grateful to Katie for all her help and guidance". 

--Mia C.

"Considering the world we live in today, it can appear that kindhearted people no longer exist. Katie is the epitome of a kindhearted person. Kindhearted people will go out of their way to help someone. Selflessly desiring to help the life of someone else is her number one priority.

When I first started my college experience it was scary and intimidating. There was a plethora of information to receive. In previous experiences I felt alone while going through the process. This was not the case with Katie. With Katie I experienced smooth sailing. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and confused I felt encouraged and excited about the journey ahead of me.

She kept me encouraged and driven, I know that she cared. I could feel pure concern for my success. This kindhearted soul was dedicated to providing me with the resources necessary to make my journey easier.

I could never repay Katie for her kind soul and dedication. I know I am just one of the few that she encouraged."

Samantha H.

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