My Story


I grew up feeling like I never fit in. That I was different from everyone else, and wondered why people couldn't see the true light that was me. I embraced the "norm" tried to fit in by squashing my light, burying my true self and it didn't work. Sure, I ended up with a great job in education and an awesome salary; I didn't realize something inside me was crying out for something different. I started getting sick, pushing myself too hard. I Gained weight, had migraines all the time and couldn't sleep. I kept asking for a sign and it happened... I was laid off my last job in education, which left me feeling like I had failed, when in fact it was the best thing to happen. I took a walk and had this clear sign that I was meant to  share my story, my message and my light. It was time to uncover, explore and embrace the light that I had hidden for so long. Those small whispers of guidance that came I had been over-riding with my fear, my need to "fit in". So, I jumped. I enrolled in a coaching program, ( I had completed one years before but wanted more) and I moved across the country. Self-transformation and self-love have become a key element in my life. There is so much to learn and grow in this lifetime and I know that continuing on my own path will allow not only my light to shine, but bring courage to others for theirs to shine as well. Am I afraid, umm yeah. Anything new is scary, terrifying at times, BUT I have come to realize it is when we push past our fear, our limiting beliefs that miracles can happen. I have fought this path for a LONG time because I was afraid. Until I decided to listen, realizing I am not alone; that I can impact change in myself and others. My journey is lifelong.
My hope is that you see the light.

I worked in higher education coaching students for 10 years. I helped students not only figure out what they wanted to be when they grew up, but overcome life challenges in the process. I have a talent for diving beyond the surface and helping clients discovery their own truths. I also use my talents as an empath to understand emotions and help resolve limiting beliefs through different transformational techniques including visualization and meditation. I have been a certified life coach since 2012 and received a secondary certification in 2019 that is International Coaching Federation approved (ICF). I am a bit of a hippy if you want to call me that, I am interested in crystals and their properties and am very connected to nature. Being in the helping field made me realize that I could be doing more, and it was time to go after my dream of being a life coach. I understand I still have growth to do, I believe that as a coach we need to value those things we ask our clients to do and be willing to do the same.


“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”