Transfomational and Holistic Approach

Are you taking care of everyone else and forget to eat, or do ANYTHING for yourself? Do you think it's selfish to take a moment for you? Do your needs and wants get pushed down for the needs of others, or do you not even KNOW what you want/like/need anymore. Does it just feel overwhelming  every day, or you can't seem to achieve the goals you have been trying to for years? Are you afraid of what the next step could be, or have no idea what to do? I've been there, I've LIVED there, and I want you to know that you can change, you are WORTH more, and there are wonderful things out there for you. Let's work together  to create those amazing dreams you have, reduce your stress and have a life you desire and deserve.

** Sessions are currently available via phone or Zoom. **

Woman in a Field

 Initial Coaching Session!

It all starts here

Trying to find balance in your life? Are you struggling in your career and dreaming of something more?  Feeling stuck and wanting something, but not sure what?

During your free call you will:

Explore your story and  what has helped you and prevented you from reaching your dreams in the past. We will explore how coaching may help you  on your journey and set small action items for you to get a jump start on your future.

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Adult Students

Intensive Session

Three Hours for YOU

Not ready to commit to a package but interested in beginning your journey?

This session is a 3 hour Intensive Session that gives you:

  • Journaling workbook

  • Outlines areas of life you want to focus on

  • Review of limiting beliefs

  • Breakdown of shifting beliefs

  • Goal Setting and outline for overcoming barriers

  • Deep Dive into concerns and hazards

  • Future Focused meditation

Pricing- $400 (Valued at $750 savings of  $350)

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Best Friends

Intiuitive Coaching Package

Are you ready to change your life?

Are you wanting to make consistent changes and grow in your life? Change your old patterns , find your purpose and balance in your life. Are you ready to create something new- a life you love? 

Research shows that working consistently on your goals and having  strong accountability increases your ability to sustain lasting change.

In your sessions you will:

  • Define the areas of life you want to see shifted- work, relationships, health, etc.

  • Deep dive into limiting beliefs that have prevented you from moving forward in the past.

  • Create action items to move you through your limiting beliefs and create lasting change.

  • Increase accountability and recognizing your own growth.

  • Celebrate successes and shifts along the way!

  • And MORE!

Coaching is a partnership journey. You define your goals for each session with your ultimate goal in mind.  We work together through each session to allow deeper insight, clarity and guidance into each session. We build accountability to your action items through a strong support team to help you reach your goals, change your patters and create an amazing present and future!


12 Weekly Sessions over Three months  (or 6 months)- $2,160 (Valued at $3,000. savings of $840)

*Monthly payment plans are available*

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